How Pittsburgh Food Trucks and Street Food Vendors Can Utilize Geo-targeting

In many major cities, including Pittsburgh, food trucks, pop-up restaurants and other mobile food vendors have been growing in popularity. Street food can be found sparking major business and major attention all around the city. Local Pittsburgh blogs, such as Discover the Burgh and Made in PGH highlight the most frequented street food vendors.

Due to the popularity of the food truck trend, the city recently debuted the grand opening of the Pittsburgh Food Truck Park. This park is full of mobile food vendors. Geo-targeting would help food truck owners and other food vendors reach and advertise to Pittsburgh locals, especially those close to the location of the park.

Food truck logo.png

Geo-targeting is delivering specific content or advertisements to a website user based on his geographic location (wordstream). Food trucks and pop-up restaurants’ level of business success is fully based on customers showing up to their temporary. Geo-targeting can help these types of businesses to advertise to users within close proximity to the pop-up location. Here are a couple of extremely helpful tips for these types of businesses to pull in more website views, ultimately leading to more business.

To beat out the competition and make sure your food vendor business is getting the most online hits from searches, use location-specific keywords. For example, a food vendor business should use the keywords “food vendor,” “street food” or “food truck” to pull in users searching for those types of food joints. BUT, what can really amplify the search outcomes is using “Pittsburgh,” “Millvale” or even a specific street name that the vendor frequents. Even adding slang words like “yinz” can appeal to local users, and boost your business to the top hit in a specific area.

As the street food industry continues to thrive, it’s vital for these vendors to use every tool in their belts to compete with the rival business. So go crazy, and utilize as many location-specific keywords to optimize your business produce better search outcomes!