Online Shopping- The visual aspects merchandisers use to draw in customers


Shopping has always been a part of our lives. As technology has grown, shopping has not only been available in stores, but online. What is it about online shopping that is so appealing or even in some cases, so addicting? It is the way the retailers display their products, organize their websites, and their attention to detail that maintains their buyers interest.

Now that brands are becoming more and more competitive in their online stores; the websites are now becoming the basis for the customer’s engagement. Customers like positive experiences that cannot be provided by social media accounts, therefore, the visual aspects are the key ingredient to drawing in customers.

Brands also use some elements of psychological marketing to increase their purchases. Customers like rewards,  (free gifts, gift wrapping, and discounts) unique products, and updates on products. The psychological factors control the amount of trust that is created and built between the retailer and customer. Using a credit card, especially online demonstrates the customer’s faith put into the retailer. Buyers want to be sure they are getting what they are paying for especially if they are paying for higher price items.

The overall website must be visually appealing, work efficiently, and work as good on a mobile device as it does on a desktop. The content on the site must be interesting and keep the viewer hooked. This is important because the longer an individual is on a site, the more likely they will make a purchase. The main elements that should be covered to keep the website on the positive side is  design, quality, appearance, and the atmosphere. For example, Target’s website is more visually appealing and more efficient than its competitor, Walmart because of its visual layout is more eye catching is easier to navigate through.

Let’s look at these examples on Target’s website.


The homepage is one of the first places a customer looks when first looking at a website. This is where they will learn the information about what type of brand you are, and if you are the type of brand they would be interested in buying from. To execute brand storytelling well, there are some key visual aspects to pay attention to on your page. These include images and text, explanation of products and how they work, and customer proof.

Check out this example:


Marketing plays a crucial part in keeping the credibility for the site. The information that is placed on the site is very important. The services and products should be clearly defined, and the terms and conditions should be legible and written so the customer can understand them.

 It is important that consumers are able to use websites and find exactly what they want. This is especially essential in a short amount of time. Having pages that load quickly and having an easy ordering and check out experience keeps the customer happy and helps them to return.

One of the many things that are overlooked would be customer service. It is very easy for a customer who has bad customer service to look elsewhere. It may seem difficult to maintain and keep everything in order. Not only do you need to attract customers, you need to keep them, but if it is done the right way you can take a first time customer and turn them into a repeating customer.


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