Considerations for Digital Advertising: Mobile VS Desktop

By: Samantha DiGuglielmo

Advertisements. They’re everywhere. We see them, we love them, we hate them, we buy from them anyway. It’s an endless cycle. We see many of these every day, but do we ever think about the technology behind them? Everywhere you look, there’s an ad. Whether you look on your phone, tablet, smart TV, desktop, or PC, there they are. But what about the same advertisement? Ever see it twice? Maybe once in one location, and again on another? When a company places their advertisements, there is actually a lot of thought behind where consumers are going to be viewing their content. This can complicate the process of digital advertising. “90% of consumer transactions are started on one device and finished on another” (Newtek). This statistic shows how important it is for a site to be capable of being viewed on any digital device. Mobile and other source considerations are a key asset for advertising companies to be aware of and familiar with when sending out those pesky ads.

Size of screen- There are some things that just don’t look good on a small screen like a mobile device and vice versa. If you plan on sharing your ad in a variety of places, you will want to design something a little more versatile.

Direct phone call or other call to action- Incorporating a phone number in your ad would be something you would want to keep to a mobile advertisement. If consumers are viewing this ad on a desktop, they are far less likely to dial the number and make that call unless they can just click on it and go from there. Other call to actions, such as an email, can do the same swaying towards or pushing away that a phone number on a desktop can do.

Details- Any detail heavy link is not something anyone is interested in when on their phones. Ever try to read a lengthy article on a 4-inch screen? It’s the same with ads. Keep the mobile ads to a minimal content level.

Target demographic- The last big thing to keep in mind when designing your advertisement is who you are trying to reach and where exactly its probable that they’re scrolling. Younger/busier generations are most likely going to view your ad on a mobile device. On the other hand, older generations may be seeing these on a desktop screen more likely than not. 

Without taking these tips into consideration, there are a variety of technical difficulties that are likely to happen. For one, a web layout design that is not mobile friendly will not work as well on a cell phone or tablet which can lead to less customer usage, and in the end, our goal is quite the opposite. A consumer should have the ability of ease with your design on any device that he or she may decide to use.

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